Monthly Archives: September 2011

RT (random thoughts) Day…

I am thinking about how awesome my God is. I had a great summer. My kids school (UGA, PCHS and PCMS) year has started off good and things at DC Destination Church¬†are wonderful! Renee’ and I celebrated 23 years of marriage last month and I celebrated 22 years of serving Jesus in July! WOW! I am cannot imagine life without Him!

I always stand amazed at the greatness of this God that I serve. I enjoy watching Him captivate the hearts of people like only He can do. No matter how good we think we are at getting people’s attention, God still does it better. I have had the privilege over the last few weeks of watching people give their lives to Christ, get baptized and many other wonderful things. I am grateful to get to be on the journey with so many wonderful people. Thanks be to God, my family, the DC Church staff & family and so many others that have made this passionate ride so enjoyable.

Be encouraged,